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Department of International Business

From Toyama to the Japan Sea Rim and the world: Becoming a brilliant expert who can make a splash in business

International Business In this program you will study English and one of the three Japan Sea Rim languages Chinese, Korean, or Russian  in order to build a solid basis for international communication while developing an advanced knowledge of business. The program also aims to foster information literacy in order to produce businesspersons who can work actively in an international setting and who are capable of making significant contributions to the local community and industries.

International Business

The main content of study of each school year

Year 1

Building a foundation to become an international businessperson

 You will learn the fundamentals of the fields of business, computer skills, and foreign languages.

  • Comprehensive Japanese
  • English
  • Languages of Japan sea Rim
  • Commerce (Basic)
  • Basic Computer Science
Year 2

Getting more familiar with foreign cultures

 You will expand your knowledge in the fields of business, computer skills, and foreign languages. Also, you will be able to travel overseas to participate in practical training on understanding different cultures.

  • Introduction to Logistics
  • Marketing
  • Introductory Accounting
  • Computer Practice
  • English Conversation
Year 3

Deeper knowledge in specialist fields, and a broader social perspective

 You will deepen your knowledge of business and computer skills and study subjects such as economics and law. In addition, you will extend your study of foreign languages to be able to discuss topics from everyday matters to important social issues.

  • Global Literacy
  • Financial Accounting
  • Introductory Economics
  • Introductory Law
  • Introductory Business Administration
Year 4

Enhancing your communication skills in business scenarios

 Applying your knowledge learned so far, you will learn how to identify problems. In addition, you will further your language studies by learning advanced business English and continuing to improve your skill in Japan Sea Rim foreign languages.

  • Business seminar
  • International Distribution Theory
  • Strategic Management
  • Management Information Theory
  • Business English
Year 5

Tying together all you have learned and connecting it to practical knowledge

 Utilizing everything you have learned so far, you will develop comprehensive problem-solving abilities. You will also extend your study of Japan Sea Rim languages to business settings.

  • Graduation Research and Thesis
  • Trade and Transport System Theory
  • Business Languages of the Japan Sea Rim
  • Management and Administration
  • Economic Studies of the Japan Sea Rim Region