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Center for International Education and Research

With globalization, we are being forced to transform the social systems that we have built in the past. Japanese firms are promoting globalization in response to declining domestic levels of demand and changes in the international situation. It is becoming a matter of course to expand business into emerging economies showing remarkable economic development and to open up undeveloped overseas markets. It has become essential to set up and operate offices and manufacturing bases overseas. Personnel who will play a leading role in the local community from a global perspective are therefore needed. In response to these changed circumstances, colleges of technology across Japan have started devoting more effort to the cultivation of a cosmopolitan internationalism, on top of their traditional engagement with the training of creative engineers and businesspeople. This is an attempt by kosen to train global personnel who are able to understand and engage in two-way communication with foreign nationals with different cultural backgrounds, who are able to cooperate while still asserting themselves clearly, and who can contribute to the development of a sustainable society. Naturally, at our school as well, we are implementing various activities in an attempt to train engineers and businesspeople who can confront urgent challenges head on, as befits the leaders of tomorrow. Our International Education Center was established and is engaging in our own ambitious initiatives as an anchor organization supporting these types of activities. We are promoting the further internationalization of teaching and research with the objectives of training students with a global perspective, as well as the communication skills and cosmopolitan character that will stand them in good stead in the international community, and of cultivating a cosmopolitan character among our faculty members. We are actively improving our language education capabilities and accepting short-stay international students, as well as supporting language study and overseas internships for Japanese students. Furthermore, in partnership with local companies and overseas universities with whom we have signed international academic exchange agreements, we are also promoting the organization of international symposia and the implementation of international research collaborations. At the Center, it is our desire to contribute to the creation of highly specialized personnel who have an international perspective while remaining rooted in the local community.


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