17th Asian Symposium on Ecotechnology
November 11th - 13th 2010, Unazuki, JAPAN

Access to Unazuki

宇奈月温泉へは 謝恩号無料電車があります!
Take the free train
from Toyama to Unazuki

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The 17th Asian Symposium on Ecotechnology (ASET17) was held in Unazuki, Japan this year from the 11th (Thursday) of November to the13th (Saturday).

There was a Technical Session for oral and poster presentations as well as a Session for introducing International Exchange Activities of our colleges, a Session for ESD and enterprise exhibits
About 500 students and researchers around the world gathered from ten different countries and exchanged ideas in ASET17.

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*Student presentations were awarded in both oral and poster sessions.
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Hosting Organization: KOSEN- The Institute of National Colleges of Technology, Japan
Co-hosting Organizations: Nagaoka University of Technology
Toyohashi University of Technology
Principal Organizers: Nagaoka National College of Technology
Toyama National College of Technology
Ishikawa National College of Technology
Fukui National College of Technology
Maizuru National College of Technology
In Collaboration with: Kanazawa Technical College
Sendai National College of Technology
Kagawa National College of Technology
Kumamoto National College of Technology
Time & Place November 11th 〜13th, 2010
Unazuki International Hall "Selene", Kurobe, Japan
Venue of ASET17

The City of Kurobe

Kurobe is located in the eastern section of Toyama Prefecture.  The city is approximately 300km away from each of Japan's three largest metropolitan areas, and about 30km away from the prefecture's capital Toyama City. Kurobe has a great deal of variation in topography with widely differing altitude between the level seaside areas and mountainous portions of the city.

Unazuki Onsen

    This beautiful hot spring town “Unazuki Onsen” in the city of Kurobe overlooks the splendid nature of Kurobe Gorge. Abundant in hot spring water, it is Toyama's top onsen resort. Here you can enjoy the scenery and the delicacies of the seasons. It is a good base for exploring the Kurobe Gorge area.

  Unazuki International Hall

    This multi-purpose convention hall is capable of hosting international conventions. It also holds the Selene Art Museum, where nature is the theme of displays of works by local and contemporary artists and craftsmen.

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