17th Asian Symposium on Ecotechnology
November 11th - 13th 2010, Unazuki, JAPAN

Primary Session

This Session is to be held after the Opening Ceremony on the 11th of November from 15:00 to 17:40.
8 Selected presentations from Sessions 1,3 and 4; i.e. namely the Technical Session, International Exchange Program and ESD Sessions will be presented here during this special program.
Don't miss it since the special program is to be essential for students, graduate students and researchers from nationwide universitites and colleges of Technology and around the world interested in joining the Asian Symposium on Ecotechnology.

Opening Ceremony
   Unazuki International Hall "Selene"Large Hall

Summaries for keynote lectures are available from here
Opening Address
Keynote Lectures


Contribution of International Monitoring Network to Environmental Preservation in East Asia


Kanazawa University


Educational Collaboration for Sustainable Human Resources Development: Case Studies from KMITL

Ruttikorn Varakulsiripunth

King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology Ladkrabang

Break 14:50-15:00


Primary Session

Summaries for each presentation are available from here

   Unazuki International Hall "Selene"Large Hall

S-1 15:05-15:25

International Exchange Programs of Northeastern University, China

Shidong HAO

Northeastern University (China)

S-2 15:25-15:45

Education for Sustainable Development in higher engineering education in Japan

Naohiro GOTO

Toyohashi University of Technology (Japan)

S-3 15:45-16:05

Reality International Sustainable Ecological Research & Development
- Brought up by Japan Technological Study Program and Globalization development -

Choeisai KuchivilizePairaya

Khon Kaen University (Thailand)

S-4 16:05-16:25

Present Status of Ecofriendly Organic Photovoltaic Devices


University of Delhi South Campus (India)

Break 16:25-16:35

S-5 16:35-16:50

Jump to the unknown world!
- Development of a new sewage treatment system and revealing the function of microbes -


Nagaoka University of Technology (Japan)

S-6 16:50-17:05

Observation about my overseas internship


Toyohashi University of Technology (Japan)

S-7 17:05-17:20

Development of Motion Control for NXT Robot

Nicolas Leow Jin Hong

Temasek Polytechnic, Republic of Singapore

S-8 17:20-17:35

Internship at Tohoku Broadcasting Company and SNCT

Salla Ketonen

Turku University of Applied Sciences, Republic of Finland

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