17th Asian Symposium on Ecotechnology
November 11th - 13th 2010, Unazuki, JAPAN

Session4 ESD (Education for Sustainable Development) Session

Outline and Objective of the Session

In this Session, clarification on the aim of ESD (Education for Sustainable Development) valid for students in the Colleges of Technology is to be discussed. On the basis of forms of ESD implemented in colleges and universities abroad and in Japan, the purpose, content, method and techniques established in education will be examined through panel discussions and workshop after keynote lectures and case study presentations. Further objective is to establish a network among universities and colleges concerning development of consistent ESD in the curriculum in higher educational organizations.

Tentative Program

November 12th (Friday), 2010/06/24

9:00~10:00 Study Case Presentations – 3 cases
10:00~14:00 Keynote Lectures -2 lectures before and after Lunch Time 
14:00~15:00 Panel Discussion
15:30~17:30 Workshop

Program for the ESD Session  for English ←click! for Japanese ←click!

E-mail Contact: aset17@nc-toyama.ac.jp