17th Asian Symposium on Ecotechnology
November 11th - 13th 2010, Unazuki, JAPAN

Session1 Technical Session

Objective and Guideline

This Session will provide an oppertunity to focus on recent developments and to identify and discuss emerging areas of growth in ecotechnology.
In this Session which is the Technical Session for oral and poster presentations, though emphasis is put on student presentations and students of nationwide National Colleges, Universities of Technology are highly recommended to join, researchers and students from other universities worldwide are all welcome to participate in the Symposium.

For application to the technical session, please submit a 200-300word-summary. If you wish apply for an oral presentation, choose from the topics below.

<Tentative Topics for Oral Sessions>
1.Ecotechnology and Education
2.Ecotechnology for Atmospheric Environment
3.Ecotechnology for Water Environment
4.Ecotechnology for 3R
5.Ecotechnology for Low-Carbon Society


Session1 Technical Session Oral Presentation-   ←click! Summaries are available from here
Session1 Technical Session Poster Presentation- ←click! Summaries are available from here

For detail of Call for Papers, please click "Call for Papers".For PDF, click here.
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Guideline for Presentations → for PDF print out click here!

Oral Presentation Guideline:
1. The time allocated for each presentation is 17 minutes (14 minutes presentation; 3 minutes Q&A). A warning bell will be rung as follows,
- One ring at 13 minutes,
- Two rings at 14 minutes (please finish your presentation itself),
- Three rings at 17 minutes, your presentation including Q&A is finished.
Please adhere strictly to your presentation time to ensure the smooth running of the session; when your presentation exceeds 17 minutes, finish it even on the way, please.
2. An LCD projector and a computer (Microsoft Windows) with USB ports, and presentation software (Microsoft PowerPoint and Adobe Reader) will be available in each conference room.
3. Please visit and submit your presentations on USB memory to the Student Staff in the conference room 30 minutes before the starting of your session. Please check your slide operation yourself in advance to solve unexpected problems.
4. If you use your own personal computer for presentation, please bring and give your computer to the Student Staff in the conference room 30 minutes before the starting of your session. And you should test the connection of your computer with the LCD projector.
5. Please arrive in the conference room before the starting of your session to contact the chairperson. The chairperson will confirm your attendance in the session.
6. You can operate the computer on the podium yourself during your presentation.

Poster Presentation Guideline:
1. Poster sessions will be held in the Large Hall.
2. The poster displaying space is 900 mm wide by 2000 mm high.
3. Display your poster by yourself in a designated panel; your presentation number will be indicated on the panel. Please use pushpins prepared to put up your presentation on the poster board.
4. Please remove your poster promptly during the times indicated below. Materials left on the poster boards after the removal deadlines will be thrown away.
Poster presentation schedule:
Displaying : 8:30 - 9:00, 12th.
Exhibits : 9:00 - 15:00, 12th.
- Core Time for
odd number posters: 11:00 - 12:00
even number posters: 12:00 - 13:00
* You are required to be at your poster during the core time.
Removal : 15:30 - 17:30, 12th.
Student presenters are recommended preparing 3-min short overview talk for excellent presentation.

E-mail Contact: aset17@nc-toyama.ac.jp