Schedule*1of ASET17 Technical Tour,

Saturday, Nov. 13, 2010


Please come to Kurobe Unazuki International Hall 乬Selene乭 by 9:20


 9:30 ~ 10:00         Opening remarks and Explanation of this tour at Conference room A of Selene


Start of this tour on foot and by bus with your luggage left at Conference Room A.


10:00 ~ 10:20         Site visit: Kurobe River Electric Memorial Hall


10:20 ~ 10:40         Site visit: Engine house of Torokko electric train of Kurobe Gorge Railway Co., LTD.  *2


10:40 ~ 11:10         Site visit: Satellite office of Toyama National College of Technology


11:10 ~ 11:40         Site visit: Test drive of electric cars of 乬Denki Unazuki Project乭
Will be cancelled in case of rain


11:40 ~ 12:20         Site visit: Unazuki hydroelectric plant of Kansai Electric Power Co., INC.


Departure for Unazuki Beer Restaurant by bus after coming back to Conference Room A of Selene at 12:30 and collecting your luggages.


12:45 ~ 14:00         Buffet lunch At Unazuki Beer Restaurant. Please pay the actual expense of your lunch yourself.


Departure for JR Toyama station by bus at 14:00.

15:00                       Arrival at JR Toyama station. Safe journey home!


*1.  This schedule may change depending on the weather.
*2.  If you like to take the Trokko train, you can enjoy it after coming back to Selene at 12:30. There is a 20% discount at this time of the year!! Please pay the fee yourself. You will have to go back from Unazuki yourself in this case though.



1. Kurobe gorge and Torokko electric train (Kurobe Gorge Railway Co., LTD.)



2. Unazuki Beer Restaurant