17th Asian Symposium on Ecotechnology
November 11th - 13th 2010, Unazuki, JAPAN

Access to Unazuki

Take the free train
from Toyama to Unazuki

For details see:

Call for Papers

Call for Papers for Session1: Technical Session

Click here for Call for Papers PDF

All authors are required to submit the title of presentation and a 200 to 300 word-summary in English (for either case, oral or poster) by August 20th, 2010. Deadline has passed-Sorry, no more acception

ASET17 summary form (MS Word Format) (Click for download)

After acception for presentation, please submit a 1 page abstract (A4) by October 10th in English in the format which can be downloaded from below.

ASET17 abstract form (MS Word Format) (Click for download)

Abstracts should clearly state the purpose, results and conclusions of the work. Final acceptance will be based on the 200 to 300 word-summary, which if accepted for presentation, must be presented at the conference. All abstract will be published in the Book of Abstracts of ASET17 which will be distributed to all participants at the symposium.You may be asked to change your presentation from oral to poster, depending on the number of applicants.

*Please note that the 200 to 300 word-summary will be announced on the web site of ASET17 before the publishing of the book of abstracts.

Deadline of application for a presentation and a 200 to 300 word-summary submission (format designated) is 
August 20, 2010

After acceptance,deadline of a 1-page abstract submission (format designated) is  
October 10, 2010
Please note that the abstract pages in the Book of Abstracts will be printed in black and white. Make sure your figures are clear when published in non-color.
One more point!!
Please indicate who the speaker of the presentation is by marking the author in charge of presentation at ASET17 with a ◎mark.

and send them to : aset17@nc-toyama.ac.jp

Presentations shall be oral (17 min each including a 3-minute Q&A) or poster presentations (have a short (about 3-5-minute) speech ready for presentation on the poster), since you may be asked for some explanationon the poster!
Students are encouraged and welcome to challenge for the oral presentations.

<Tentative Topics for Oral Sessions>
1.Ecotechnology and Education
2.Ecotechnology for Atmospheric Environment
3.Ecotechnology for Water Environment
4.Ecotechnology for 3R
5.Ecotechnology for Low-Carbon Society

The main text of the mail for submission for application must contain the following information;

Title :

Authors: In alphabets & kanji (if any)

Student Presentation? : Yes or No

Oral presentation or poster with short presentation?

Please select one of the above topics of ASET17

Name, affiliation, address, e-mail address and fax number of all corresponding author(s)
*for students, please state the e-mail address of your supervisor too.


Don't forget to attach your submission file!!
For Guideline for oral and poster presentations, please see here

Submit to:

Organizing Office of ASET17, Toyama National College of Technology

E-mail:aset17@nc-toyama.ac.jp, FAX: +81-76-492-3859

Final Format for a poster presentaion : Poster size max : A0 - 841mm x 1189mm)

Submission of  full paper (Original article) for Journal of Ecotechnology Research- Not Obligatory

Each author is able to submit a full paper (4 pages in English in A4 size) as an original article for the Journal of Ecotechnology ResearchJ (ISSN 18819982), official journal of the International Association of Ecotechnology Research. Papers will be published in the Journal after completion of the refereeing process (separate from ASET17 fee) and will be subscribed to the J-Stage of the JST Database. Submission of a full paper is welcome from any of the 6 topics of oral presentations, including the general topic.

E-mail Contact: aset17@nc-toyama.ac.jp