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Program Outline
 TNCT has been making a great contribution to the development of regional industry. Active career of graduates especially that of the alumnae has however, not been fully recognized and we have hence come up to organize a “College Brand Project”.
 Through this project, information on female students and women engineers will be transmitted through media, and accomplishing the goals shall serve as career education to female students involved. Focusing on women researchers and engineers from TNCT will make engineering more appealing and enhance “College Brand” attractive to both current and future female students as well as to the industrial world.


 The system in the National Colleges of Technology (NCT) is different from that of the education system in universities. There are 51 NCTs in Japan as higher education institutions which receive graduates from junior high schools to train future engineers and educate them throughout five years. In addition, there is a unique system with the Advanced Course to carry out further specialist education for two years after the five-year courses. Toyama National College of Technology is one of the NCT having various research fields, comprising six departments, four of which are engineering departments (Mechanical, Electrical, Chemical and Biochemical and Eco-materials Engineering), one department of International Business, and a department of Marine Technology.

 Toyama Prefecture, which is the home base of TNCT, is an industrial prefecture on the Japan Sea side prominent in the development of industrial infrastructure based on regional resources such as water and electric power. However, due to recent globalization, international competition has intensified with an increase in oversea-production in China, India, and other South-east Asian countries. With this background, enhancement of technological development and the imagination of workers have become essential to stay internationally competitive. Many women engineers having vigorous imagination and knowledge of high-level technology have graduated TNCT, and have been contributing to the development of regional industry. In spite of these facts, their active career especially that of the alumnae has not been widely recognized. We have hence come up to organize a “College Brand Project” to be carried out intensively during a two school-years period to transmit recognition of TNCT.

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1) Support for Female Students

 This activity is to create a network of alumnae, researchers and engineers and trace role model alumnae, and collect information on companies where women can work on an equal basis with men. In addition, they will be signed up as mentors in the career support center to be established. Lecture meetings and consultation shall be held by those who are active in society. Furthermore, to actively promote this project, TNCT shall engage a superior female professor with a special mission to encourage an increase in the future women teaching staff.

2) Regional Revitalization

 Unazuki Hot Spring area is famous for its power-source development by water-power-electricity-generation. A project has been attempting to revitalize the area from a low-carbon path approach by introducing EVs and small hydro-electric power generation. Our students are in collaboration with this project which shall eventually ripen into success as part of their career education. For technology to root in society, construction of a new social system is important in the region. Students studying in the field of liberal arts and science shall search together for ways to settle problems together with the local people through collaboration, utilizing their technical knowledge. The objectives are to enhance the ability of female students as a competent individual by On-The-Job-training. Groups comprising mainly female students go through PBL, learning to discover the issue in problem, plan, execute, cooperate and to negotiate in the project team in revitalizing the region developing perspectives from keywords such as “innovation”, “globalization”, “sustainability” and “diversity” which are thought to be indispensable as future engineers.

3) Transmission of “College Brand”

 TNCT shall broadcast information focusing on the activities of our female students, women engineers and researchers including alumnae who play active roles in the regional industrial world with their knowledge of technology and creativity. Approaches towards their career education shall also be transmitted through the media such as television and the Internet. Such information shall lead to the name value recognition of TNCT as a “College Brand” in society.

 Through this project TNCT shall be able to provide female students an incentive to engage in technological career positions. Furthermore, it will enable students studying in different fields, i.e. in the field of liberal arts and those in science to collaborate and to enhance their ability as competent individuals. And through collaboration and cooperation associated in the project, students involved are able to construct close relationship with the regional industrial world which shall become their career field in the future.
 As a result of promoting this project, to the students involved, accomplishing the goals in the project shall serve to their career education. And eventually we believe that the active women researchers and engineers from TNCT will make engineering more appealing and enhance “College Brand” attractive to both current and future female students as well as to the industrial world.


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