英国・北アイルランドSERC学長の表敬訪問がありました。     A courtesy visit was made by the President of SERC (South Eastern Regional College) in Northern Ireland, United Kingdom.

 6月5日~6月6日,英国・北アイルランドSERCよりKen Webb学長と  Heather McKee 戦略部長が,賞雅校長を表敬訪問しました。


On June 5th and 6th, SERC Principal and Chief Executive, Mr. Ken Webb, and SERC Director of Strategic Planning, Quality and Support, Ms. Heather McKee, visited our school.

They met with President Takamasa to exchange ideas and opinions on the current partnership agreement as well as how to proceed with the internship and study abroad programs in the future.



校長表敬(Ms.Hearther McKee,賞雅校長,Mr.Ken Webb)


Toyama, Japan-June 5, 2017. National Institute of Technology, Toyama College President, Tomoji Takamasa "center" meets SERC representatives, President Ken Webb "right from center" and Ms. Heather McKee.